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When you send your child to Bredon Hill Academy you are trusting us every day with their wellbeing; trusting we are providing the best environment for your child to flourish and grow both academically and personally. Working with you, their parents and care givers, every day we strive to achieve this. To create an environment where all feel supported: pupils, staff and care givers.   

Wellbeing is at the heart of Bredon Hill Academy as secure, resilient individuals have the space to learn and develop their personal academic abilities. We provide a whole school approach to your child’s wellbeing. From the daily interactions with their teachers, TAs, and form teachers, to Head of Year Assemblies, PHSE lessons, Lunch supervisors,  Thrive interactions, a Wellbeing Lead provision and interactions with the Leadership Team, all members of the school are committed to working together to provide a secure, active and vibrant environment for your child to grow.   

All of us hit times when life can be challenging and our Wellbeing interactions aim to walk alongside pupils, parents/ caregivers at those times, to give support for as long as needed. Developing lifelong skills to encourage today’s pupils to achieve positive personal wellbeing and become tomorrow’s resilient and happy young adults.   

What is Positive Personal Wellbeing?   

Positive personal wellbeing is the state of being healthy and feeling comfortable and happy with yourself, promoting a positive self esteem. It requires your needs being met, emotionally, physically and spirituality, enabling you to meet your own goals and participate positively in society.  

Achieving Personal Wellbeing: 

This is developed through personal action to improve your physical, mental and emotional health, leaving you feeling good about yourself and ready to face life’s challenges.  


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