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Mobile Phone Agreement

Dear Parents/Carers

Mobile Phones at Bredon Hill Academy

The collection and redistribution of mobile phones has become unmanageable at the beginning and end of the school day.

As from Monday 16th January, pupils will be responsible for their own phone which should be switched off and remain within their school bag at all times.  The phone should only be used for emergency purposes before and after the scheduled school day; we would still encourage the practice of putting a name on any phone brought into school.

If a pupil’s phone is visible or heard to ring in school at any time it will be confiscated by staff, the pupil sanctioned and parents will be asked to personally collect the phone.

Even if your child does not bring a personal electronic device into school, we would be grateful if you would still sign the top box and return the form.

There is additional guidance on mobile phone security and copies of this letter and form on the school website (

Please would you complete the attached form with your son/daughter and return to the school office by 19th January 2017.

Yours sincerely


Mr S W Charlton


Property Marking Guidance

As with any expensive device or item it is always suggested that these are security marked. Not only does this help if a stolen or lost device is found it can quite often deter a theft. This guidance is good practice not just for pupils but also parents and wider family and friends.


There are several registers available which are accessible by the police if a phone if discovered or handed in. It is suggested to register your device via this website


West Mercia Police also offer guidance on how to report lost or stolen mobile phones.