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Year 6 Trip to The RSC at Stratford.

A group of Year 6 students were lucky enough to start the New Year with a trip to the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford Upon Avon to see The Boy in a Dress.

The trip took place on Thursday the 9th January. We arrived in plenty of time for our Insight workshop in the morning. Students got the opportunity to meet and work with members of the cast and production team. They participated in some drama activities that the cast use to warm up their voices and bodies. After this, the cast let us into some secrets of the performance, including how to recreate a football match on stage!

Lunch was spent in the exhibition room where students got to play table football and Subbuteo, make friendship bracelets and use the giant disco ball! Several visits to the shop were made and it was lovely to hear members of both the staff and the public commenting on how polite and well-behaved BHA students were.

Of course, everyone was waiting with anticipation for the show to start and it was well worth waiting for! The performance was fabulous but, as a teacher, I enjoyed watching our students as they watched the show! All of them were fully engrossed in the story; they were keen to spot members of the cast with whom they had worked in the morning and they got angry and cross when the main character was teased and bullied. However, I think the biggest hit of the show was the puppet dog that accompanied one of the characters. It was as if you were watching a real dog and, after a while, you no longer noticed the puppeteer. In fact, when I mentioned it on the bus on the way home, one student asked, “What puppeteer?”

Tired yet exhilarated, we arrived back at school at 4.30pm with some very happy students and teachers. A big thank you to Mrs Bartlett for organising this lovely day out.