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Yr6 Think Tank Visit

Year 6 when to the Think Tank on Tuesday 25th of June. We had a fantastic day looking at robots, the human body, large scale outdoor experiments and much more! 


Pupils enjoyed day so much they left some fantastic feedback from the day

  • What have you learnt that is new?
    • "That science is not just to do with bodies and electrical things."
    • "I have learnt that the digestive system isn't just a tube. There is actually a whole long system and its a super long process. "
  • Describe one thing that you found interesting
    • "I found the mechanics sections cool. I liked watching the machine that demonstrated how they make cars."
    • "I found that GPS and environmental things were very interesting."
  • Is there anything that you will consider doing in the future? E.g. look into for a career/to study/for a hobby/general interest.
    • "I would like to study and look up more about animals, nature and digestion in our bodies. I found it very interesting how the body works and heals itself."
    • "I would search deeper into engineering at car design because I think it's really interesting."
    • "I would like to maybe consider doing engineering in the future. This is because I enjoyed looking at the robots making a car and I enjoyed looking at the old cars and motor vehicles from the past."
  • Did you see anything that links to what we do in science? If yes, what was it?
    • "Yes, I saw a game where you had to link different wires together to build a circuit so the bulbs would turn on."
    • "We have done animal classification and evolution in science."
    • "Yes, In science lessons we looked at how the muscles work in our bodies."