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Gardening Club

The tomatoes in the form garden have been picked and eaten fresh, used in a master chef cookery session, served in the dining hall salad bar and used as a base for a pasta sauce by the school kitchen.

They have also achieved a certificate for second place in the local school fete as part of a basket of mixed vegetables.

Today we received a delivery from Rocket gardens as part of our reward for our progress on the RHS award scheme which included various cabbage and other brassicas, winter salads and broad bean seeds.

The school gardening club have cleared the remaining tomato plants which are now past their best so that the new forms can plan the new plots and take advantage of our plant delivery.

The school gardens have been a hive of activity with pupils from all years helping to tidy and replant. We are currently working towards level five on the RHS school gardening scheme and planning to open our form gardens at the next open garden event.