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Garden centre visit

A representative from Blue Diamond Home and garden at The Valley Evesham, visited our school grounds to see the work done by our pupil gardening team before attending our Eco meeting to find out about our preparations for the Ashton Open Garden event in June.

Mr Mould spent some time listening to the pupil’s ideas and was impressed by their enthusiasm and the results of our work. He organised a generous donation of £250 which was matched by the Valley Evesham giving us a total of £500 to buy new tools and plants.

 A group of pupil head gardeners visited the Blue Diamond Home & Garden centre at the Valley Evesham to look at the extensive range of items available. On arrival we were pleasantly surprised by the gift of an additional £10 voucher for each of the pupils to spend independently on gardening items.

The Pupils enjoyed the responsibility and numeracy challenge of the individual vouchers. They worked collaboratively to ensure that they got the most benefit from their vouchers, forming groups to combine vouchers for larger purchases, sharing seeds and helping each other to find suitable items for the correct price. They kept track of the amount of money spent and were pleased to end up with a few pennies left which they dropped in the charity box on the counter.

 Our pupils examined the different plants available and met with staff who explained the growing requirements, habits and suitability. We discussed annual and perennial, different compost types, invasive species, bee friendly plantings and our concern about pesticides. We were reassured that the store avoids the use of pesticides where possible and that they are interested in the development of eco-friendly methods and products.

On our return we put all our tools and plants in our reception area so they could be seen by the rest of our school community. Pupils then took their purchases to the form rooms and proudly told the rest of their class all about our day. Some pupils immediately started working to improve the form gardens.

Our garden and eco action team are very happy to have good quality tools to work with and would like to thank Mr A Mould, Blue Diamond and The Valley for their time, support and generosity. We look forward to returning when our Austrian partner school join us to prepare for Ashton Open Gardens in June.